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JoAnna writes,

"Howdy! My name is JoAnna. One of the parts of The Sims 3 game that I produce is the town that you'll experience. We're having a blast creating this place for you! The town sits in a cozy cove that has everything from a beach and rocky coastline to mountains and farm land. The neighborhoods that extend through these areas all have their own style and feel. The place where your Sims live actually makes a difference. If you pick one of the smaller houses behind the town hall, they'll have quick access to the activity of the town center, but their surroundings won't be as nice as the coastal lots nestled among the pine trees. If you decide you want your Sims to live up on Summer Hill, they'll have scenic vistas and colorful, wealthy neighbors for sure, but they'll have to earn enough money to build there and they'll spend more time in the car commuting to work."

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