Lightning Is the Most Desired Final Fantasy Girlfriend, According to Poll

According to a recent poll by Japanese students, Lightning was ranked as #1 for most desired girlfriend, on top of more Final Fantasy XIII characters

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FallenAngel1984681d ago

Who'd want that harsh woman for a girlfriend

MRMagoo123681d ago

it's really weird how the Japanese woman generally like their men to look like woman ( watch any romance drama from Japan be it anime or live action and one look at the boy bands is proof all you need) and now it seems the men want there woman to be like men 😂

Adrian_v01679d ago

Who wouldn't? The damsel types are boring and should be left in the past. 1. Fran, 2. Lulu, 3. Paine, 4. Ashe, 5. Lightning, 6. Fang, 7. Tifa, 8. Shiva xD, 9. Yuna, 10. Terra.

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morganfell679d ago

"Who'd want that harsh woman for a girlfriend"

Shakes head and raise both hands...

Letthewookiewin679d ago

I wouldn't mind. Keep my ass in check!

rainslacker679d ago

I'd prefer Rikku. Or Ashe.

alstruck678d ago

Id do it.. but I prefer less harsh more cynical waifu lightning returns version

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DevilOgreFish681d ago (Edited 681d ago )

she's alright but not my top choice. There are four things that I've never agreed with, people with grumpy attitudes and people who are only interested in money, wealth, and popularity. It just kills it for me. My whole Interests in those types of people outside of games and in them as well.

PhoenixUp681d ago

When had Lightning ever demonstrated waifu qualities

Gardenia679d ago

And those student played Final Fantasy from before 10? Doesn't really seem like it

-Foxtrot680d ago

Lol. Japan and Lightning love never fails to amaze me.

If they pushed Luna hard enough and wasn't a wasted throw away character in XV then she'd probably be the top one since it usually goes how recent or "at the time" popular they are.

I'd rather have Rinoa myself, Yuna or Tifa to be honest

MyDietEqualsGames679d ago

Rinoa or Terra. They both have down to earth qualities that make them desirable.

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The story is too old to be commented.