Pure - New Trailer

Disney Interactive published a new Pure trailer. Enjoy.

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360 man3741d ago

WoW the ps3 version is really lacking

they should have just made it xbox exclusive

Firstkn1ghT3741d ago

One of the few games I enjoyed playing on the ps3 was Motorstorm. So I'm glad to see something similar on the 360. And from reading a few preview, Pure beats Motorstorm graphically and in fun. Looks like I just added another gem to my collection.

Bleem3603741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

Pure is what SEGA Rally Revo should have been, but wasn't.

wangdiddy823741d ago

I mean its cool for about one lap than your just like ok.. Tricks and Ahhhh what place im i in.. You dont even care if your racing or win the race.. the tricks are pretty lame to after awhile..