Valve, Capcom, Bandai Namco and 3 Other Game Developers Under Investigation By European Commission

Valve, Capcom, Bandai Namco and three other game developers are under investigation by the European Commission for possible breaching of laws.

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opinionated534d ago

Lol Do they not have anything better to do? The EU is a joke. If steam only wanted to hand out keys in Poland then it violates "cross border competition laws"? How does that even apply to American or Japanese companies?

Kokyu534d ago

Its no different then any other market. There are rules and you have to follow them to particapte in that market, pretty simple.

opinionated534d ago

It has nothing to do with the market, it's saying some countries have unfair advantages. It's like Canadians suing valve because their games cost more. We're both North Americans, right? That's unfair ☹️

Have the EU countries lost their sovereignty? If so we should stop calling them countries.

ShaunCameron534d ago

@ opinionated

Apparently. Any country that loses its economic sovereignty will eventually lose everything else and have forfeited its right to exist as such.

Muadiib534d ago (Edited 534d ago )

Thankfully the EU is doomed, the unelected elitists that work there will have to get real jobs soon.

MyDietEqualsGames534d ago (Edited 534d ago )

Brexit has proved that the EU is a failed experiment. After delving deep into the British history, I ask my self... why did they even enter the EU? Britain was a country that ruled shit and took shit... after entering the EU, they were giving more sway to EU than her own people. Correct me if I am wrong, please.

"52% against 48%"
Just tells me how divisive the country was when they made the decision.

Similar to how the last election was for us. Ultimately divided, but in the end... you know the result.

feraldrgn534d ago (Edited 534d ago )


The EU was formed because European countries got sick of world wars AFAIK.
Brexit didn't prove the EU was a failed experiment, Brexit was won with deceitful behaviour from political parties, telling the people lies & then revealing those lies post-vote.

It wasn't a landslide Yes vote either, it was 52% against 48%.
Heck, post-vote there were voters talking about how they didn't even know what they were voting for & wishing they could do it over.

ZombieGamerMan534d ago

Well at this point the EU is dying with Brexit and the severe refugee problems

Luthiens1534d ago

No just stop, the Eu began in the 50's between 6 countries including France, Italy, Spain & Germany to control tax tarrifs on coal transportation between these borders. Ffs research is hard.

feraldrgn533d ago (Edited 533d ago )


You skipped the initial reason.

Take it from a UK born, there was definitely deceit in the referendum, Nigel Farage's party in particular, now the NHS is at risk without EU funding to bandage the cuts by the current prime minister.

XXanderXX534d ago

Go get them EU make them pay .

ZombieGamerMan534d ago

for what? Not making Half Life 3, for making Resident Evil 6, and for making terrible Dark Souls ports? I mean that's kind of harsh don't you think?

XXanderXX534d ago

If the EU is after them they did something and if so I say they continue to do so .

Einhander1971534d ago

Brexit here we come yes!!! :)