Fallout 3 Marketing Site Fully Launched With New Gameplay Videos

The marketing site for Fallout 3,, has been fully launched and has several new videos and gameplay clips for gamers.

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Killjoy30003347d ago


I've been dieing for more stuff on this game!!!

Man, this may very well be the second most-likely candidate for GOTY for me, anyways.

dxmnecro3347d ago

I agree. It really seems like they are holding back on alot of info.

chaosatom3347d ago

which is suppose to be a 100 hours.

I'll wait on the reviews because I really don't wanna spent a lifetime on rpg. BUT, if it's pretty good, i'll buy it.

Killjoy30003347d ago

I'd gladly put 100 hours in this game.

beans3347d ago

I put 250 into Oblivion and don't think 100 should be a problem for me. What game is going to be your number one games this year Killjoy if you don't mind me asking?

InMyOpinion3347d ago

I'm guessing it's Little Big Planet.

Killjoy30003347d ago

Actually Jenzo, it's this game.

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TheXgamerLive3347d ago

FallOut 3 and FABLE 2 for GOTY easily:)

gears 2 will be up there for me too, but these two are my most wanted for 2008. FallOut 3 is one of the reasons I'm getting a new 1080p 42" LCD for my living room.

Killjoy30003347d ago (Edited 3347d ago )

Too bad you won't actually be able to play in true 1080p. Maybe you should consider getting the PS3 version so you can do just that.

scottmichael3347d ago


98% of ps3 games run at 720p or lower

PS3 fanboys are so bitter, this guy xgamer, has said nothing towards either consoles and hes getting disagrees along with psfanboy dumb ass comments

Killjoy30003347d ago

Sott Michael, shut-up. It's all in good humor.

-_-3347d ago

[[I cant wait to play the superior version of Fallout 3 on my Playstation 3]]

TheXgamerLive3347d ago

Everyone else will be playing a great game on both consoles, but your superior version that your waiting on will never come. I'll be enjoying all the extra DLC while you go and wait.

yesah3347d ago

finally some new vids. Ive been dying for another look at the game/

joebahrjoebahr3347d ago

i hold no breath for exclusive dlc anymore

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