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Nioh is a fantastic action RPG that wears its influences on its sleeve, but adds plenty of twists to the formula that make it stand proudly on its own.

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chrisx678d ago

Amazing stuff really. Everyone loves Nioh

UltraNova678d ago

Yeah 9s across the baord...its a must play for sure.

TheGamez100678d ago (Edited 678d ago )

Looks like thisll be a mostly 8-9/10 game, great start for ps4 this year. Then theres still horizon, nier, and persona 5. My poor wallet...

starchild678d ago

My Pro is going to be getting some heavy use that's for sure. Nioh alone will occupy a lot of my time.

S2Killinit678d ago (Edited 678d ago )

It's getting rave reviews. Love the setting. Here I come.

678d ago
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