What's Phil Harrison Doing at Atari? Completely Reforming the Company

Phil Harrison's departure from Sony earlier this year was met with some confusion. Why would he leave Sony, where everything is going up now that the PS3 is getting legs, to Atari where everything is falling and buring? We've had different explanations of why he left Sony, but why Atari? Well, he chose Atari because he wanted to completely reverse the direction the company was headed and take credit for it all. Ok, that second thing was a joke; the first part, though, was true.

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IzKyD13313593d ago

Still miss you Phil, your still one of the pioneers of gaming

SCThor3593d ago

I hope he's somehow behind PS4.

Enigma_20993593d ago

... but if you think you can actually save that sinking ship, go for it. Nothing wrong with trying. Who knows, he may actually pull it off.

-_-3593d ago

[[Sorry Phil,but you will Phail]]

Stryfeno23593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Why? If it wasn't for him, the PS brand would PHAIL. You droids are lucky to have had Phil in your corner.

-_-3593d ago

[[Poor Phil harrison]]

bootsielon3593d ago

He gave Xtards the beta for Alone in the Dark while PS3 owners get the real deal. Stupid Xtards, making ridiculous accounts with stupid avatars speaks volumes of their intelligence, and how pathetic their lives must be to resort to that.

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The story is too old to be commented.