Will better quality and cheaper games stop piracy?

Guardian writes: "Games piracy has been back in the news recently. Big PC title Spore has had a controversial launch, with users complaining about draconian copy protection (only 3 installations, CD in drive etc). And you can't argue really. Why should legitimate customers receive a worse user experience than someone who has downloaded it from a torrent?"

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vitz33737d ago

No. Only the brutal, bloody execution of invasive DRM slow down piracy. You can't stop it BTW.

EA sucks!

Omega43737d ago

Hell no, even if games where just £1 they'd still likely be piracy since downloading a game is still a lot cheaper...cause its FREE

Sure there are people who dont know how to downnload games illeagally cause their PC skills arent great and then there's the kind hearted honest gamer who will always go and buy the game, but as time passes and the DRM measures grow more extreme everyone will be pirates and EA is only making this happen faster