IGN UK: Samba de Amigo Wii UK Review

IGN UK writes: "Bless SEGA's Dreamcast, perhaps the last of the revolutionaries. At the forefront of the console's buccaneering boundaries was Samba de Amigo and, when the eponymous bug-eyed monkey with a perma-grin first shook his stuff back in 1999, the bundled maracas were a true innovation. Sonic Team's rhythm game has, of course, proved prophetic and the music genre has marched on, becoming near-ubiquitous. So, it's a different world that Samba de Amigo returns to, but can it make itself heard above the din made by the likes of Guitar Hero and Rock Band?

Well, yes and no. With Gearbox now playing rhythm master, the magic that marked out the first Samba de Amigo is still essentially intact. While the maracas that made the Dreamcast original so unique – and, for most, unattainably pricy –are absent, the Wii's various alternatives make a fair attempt at recreating the original's camp Latino air."

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