UGO: Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir Review

UGO writes: "Now I loathe the dentist as much as the next guy. But that sadistic drill sergeant kept my prepubescent self in Highlights magazines. I could not know it at the time but my mouth full of cavities would give me enough practice solving inane picture puzzles that one day in 2008 I would sit down and dominate Mystery Case Files: Million Heir. I realize this title from Big Fish Games is rated E for well, you know, but I'm not sure I could be better at this.

As the Master Detective you are charged with finding a missing eccentric millionaire. You will do this by investigating a number of his associates ranging from film stars to gardeners. Investigations consist of two stages, the first is searching for clues. Your "crime computer" (which looks like a Nintendo DS) spits out a list of completely unrelated everyday objects which you then have to find in a picture of a room or space that is riddled with dozens of hidden objects."

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