Big Download Review: American McGee's Grimm: Beauty and the Beast

Happily Ever After ends now... as does the first season of American McGee's Grimm. Today's episode marks Grimm's last filthy foray before a brief hiatus, which will end later this fall when Grimm returns for his second season. For his first of three grand finales, Grimm tackles a tale as old as time, and dirties it with lots and lots of grime.

Beauty and the Beast presents a more refined combination of involved gameplay and simplicity, the latter of which Grimm fans have come to expect, and the former... well, not so much. Though even the most casual gamer will still breeze through Grimm's eighth adventure, gamers waiting for a bit more of a challenge won't find anything too complex, but there are deeper mechanics here that seem to indicate an increased emphasis on exploration in season two.

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