GamesRadar: The Last Guy Review

GamesRadar writes: "So it turns out the guy you need when the zombie apocalypse happens isn't actually a soldier or biologist; it's the nerd that spends all his time on Google Maps. In a world suddenly filled with shuffling killers and giant bugs, you play as a lone, friendly zombie, leading lines of refugees to safety across detailed satellite images of real world locations. These range from San Francisco to exotic Newcastle. Even in the top down view, the major landmarks like the Lincoln Memorial are recognizable, so you get to do some birds-eye sight seeing while you get your hit of zombie-arcade adrenaline."

You'll love

* Real-world locations
* Clever puzzle-like design
* Plenty of replay value

You'll hate

* Not a lot of depth
* Brutal difficulty curve
* Only 15 levels

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NanoGeekTech3735d ago

Good game but there is no trophy support........I was pretty disspointed..but overall a pretty chill game..