Molyneux: "We have to deliver games that have never been seen before"

GI.Biz writes: "Lionhead Studios chief, Peter Molyneux, has delivered a call to arms for developers to work harder on creating new game experiences, stating that he believes that is what gamers are looking for today - and that if the industry doesn't deliver on that promise, "we're going to stop...and never get anywhere."

Talking in a keynote speech at the Games Convention Asia Conference, Molyneux - who also explained at length some of the design ambitions for forthcoming Xbox 360 RPG Fable 2 - justified his comments by outlining how he felt his latest game gives the player "unique experiences"."

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LinuxGuru3593d ago

OMG this guy will not shut up!

ThatCanadianGuy3593d ago

I know..he's a good dev and all but wow..he needs to let his game do the talking for him.

bouncybullet3593d ago

you guys need to get a life.

This guy is all over the place because his game is coming out next month.

It's called Promotion.

NewSchoolGamer3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

I wouldn't dare to doubt that, HOWEVER it is far from being a game that" has never been seen before". (wether he was trying to say that or not)

Honestly I'm not trying to bash Fable 2 because that is a game that makes me wish I had an xbox360 but I think I would clasify LBP as a game that "has never been seen before"

bouncybullet3593d ago

Little big planet is Mario Bros. on crack.

You start at the left end and jump over things until you get to the right side..!.../?....

ok thats so amazing. i'm going to die.

Why does every ps3 owner think that its going to be revolutionary?

Custom levels???? yeah. I would rather do laundry.

El_Colombiano3593d ago

Hahahaha lmfao rofl! Did this ignorant fool just say Little Big Planet is a simple side scroller like Mario was back in the day? And that custom levels and the ultimate community service is worse than laundry? I bet you like 360 and the whole no user content don't you?

-_-3593d ago

[[you will need the cell and bluray for that]]

bouncybullet3593d ago

You will need a girlfriend to give your life meaning.

bouncybullet3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

I love how anyone can even think of comparing LBP to Fable 2.

It's like comparing Zelda to.... a game that goes left to right.

Killjoy30003593d ago

HAHAHA!! Did shutupandplay just compare Fable 2 to LBP? Not only is that such a weak comparison, but they're not even in the same category. So according to your logic, Fable 2 is a platformer based in a world where you can create just about anything, right? Wow, N4G gets so weak sometimes.

steck673593d ago

Wow, I personally dont know how you can compare those two games like that, it doesnt make any sense. RPG vs platformer? Thats almost like comparing a shooter with a racer.

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Silogon3593d ago

I'm sure it won't sell as well as Microsoft would like, but it's not going to be a flop. It will sell a million to 1.5 million easily. This is the only game I am absolutley, without question, super amped about.

Nothin on Ps3 or xbox 36 or certainly not the wii has my attention like Fable 2 does. This is my game of the year.

bouncybullet3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

hahaahaaaaa you're so gay.

Nobody even cared about too human in the first place.
Not like everyone was trying to defend Lair.

So stop trying stick it in everyones face.
No one gives a sh*t.

Fable 2 will be much better than any of the PS3 exclusives.

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