Ranking the Mainline Resident Evil Games

VGChartz's Evan Norris: "With Resident Evil 7 out in the wild, it seems like a good time to revisit the mainline series — apologies to the Revelations and Outbreaks of the RE universe. The first RE game I played was Resident Evil 2 on N64 and I remember falling in love with the scary, creepy, violent, challenging, and, ultimately, rewarding world of Shinji Mikami and company. Since then I've played every series game I can find and have enjoyed almost all of them.

What follows is my personal ranking of the nine mainline RE games, Resident Evil 7 included."

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equal_youth534d ago

I started replaying all of them after finishing 7 and i would take RE1 Remake and Zero Remake over those sluggish ports of 4-6 on my console anytime. The controls feel so stiff and aiming is pure pain. I remember playing 4 on Wii where it was ok at best but by todays standards i can't defend any of the third person entries. Hopefully they go with fixed cameras on the RE2 Remake and stick to first person with the next games in the main series. Revelations can still be third person for all i care.

sullynathan534d ago

Resident Evil 4 is still great by current day standards, people do not speak from Nostalgia when they talk about that game. That's why it has been released so many times.

TeamIcoFan534d ago

In before "Resident Evil VII doesn't count!" comments...

BlackTar187534d ago (Edited 534d ago )



Really enjoy 7 but I'm a sucker for the OG style. 4 is an amazing game but it's not really survival horror RE

FallenAngel1984534d ago

You forgot to also list both Revelations games

Petebloodyonion534d ago

Ok my list ( I have yet to play revelation 2 so it,s not on my list)

- #5
dumb AI and dragging level make this one the last (1st level is awesome but the rest meh)

- Revelation1
just never was invested into it, nothing bad, nothing good

- Zero
Iove the train level, the speech and new mechanics but the rest was average

- Veronica
Nothing bad to say but nothing great, It's a resident evil game in the old style of game

- Outbreak 1 and 2
Ok Hard disk is a must, but it's left 4 dead countless years before left 4 dead. This one is, in my opinion, a hidden gem the franchise and who doesn't love Jim Chapman coin.

Yeah! COD Redfield scenario suck but on the flip side Leon was awesome, the game was long, the idea to hinder others' game was great and also the boss takedown mode was nice. Perhaps my expectations were so low that I was more than please when I played it.

Darkside and Unbrella Chronicles
Just a love letter to Resident evil fan, you can revisit all your favorite pre 4 moments.

#1 remake
Damn window dogs! Damn crimson heads, Damn Lisa Trevor

Ok Mr X punching thru wall = massive pee in pants, But what set this one so High was the branching scenario with the great unlocking making this game so fun to replay.

Play this game on hard, whisper nooooo when you hear STAAAAAAARS.
Plus the random element adds a lot had several jumps scares for birds flyings out car windows.

Play this game in VR and just tell me how safe you feel when you see the freaking BEES. Everything in this game is great, the music, the setting, the Bakers and some hard to make choices.

in my opinion 1 of the top 5 games of all time
Perfect control at the time, Kicking a zombie in the face is awesome, never get tired of mercenaries, Incredible extra content and DR SALVADOR. Honestly how powerful did you felted when you saw him the 1st time? and more importantly, did you had a renewed respect for his chainsaw after your death?