Big Download Review: Crysis Warhead

Review by John Callahan:

"In 1999, Gearbox Software debuted their first game: the extremely impressive Half-Life: Opposing Force. An expansion pack to Valve's classic shooter, the game's story line took place in the same setting and time frame as the original Half-Life game. Nearly 10 years later, it seems developer Crytek has taken a few pages from Gearbox's notebook to make Crysis Warhead, a stand alone expansion with a fun (if very short) single player experience that's combined with a separate multiplayer component that Crytek has now renamed Crysis Wars.

Let's look first at the single player portion which like Half-Life: Opposing Force tells another tale that runs parallel to the events in 2007's Crysis. If you are picking up Crysis Warhead without playing the original game you might likely get confused as to what's going on; there's no real intro into what you are really getting into, unlike the first Crysis. You just know that your character, the nano-suit wearing British special forces Sargent "Psycho" Sykes, is on this island in the near future that's filled with North Korean troops and you have to take them out."

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