Final Fantasy VII Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase talks progress and more in Weekly Famitsu

Following a key visual reveal yesterday, the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu has an interview with Final Fantasy VII Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase, who discusses the game’s progresses and more.

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donthate685d ago

Sounds like a 2019 title. Ugh.

OmnislashVer36685d ago

I honestly wonder if so... That means you'll be able to play it on PS5 with update graphics settings though... 1800p60 perhaps?

I know it still kind of sucks, I'm just trying to find the brightside.

donthate684d ago

I took Sony 3-years to bring the PS4 Pro from the PS4 release, so do you really think a new generation console is going to release a new generation in 2019?

Keep in mind, processing power progress is slowing down (and has been for some time) that the leap from PS4 Pro to the next will need more time. It's possible we might get a PS4 Pro 2 instead billed as PS5 I suppose.

OmnislashVer36684d ago (Edited 684d ago )

You just said it. 3 years from PS4 was PS4-Pro. Another 3 years is PS5. You can pretty much guarantee we'll have PS5 by 2019.

AMD's Ryzen and Vega are surefire signs of PS5 in 2019. We might not get them exactly, but the 14nm process is there, and may be 7-10nm by then. The latest will be 2020, and that's only if AMD doesn't have Sony a new APU ready by 2019. Most likely if they're waiting on Ryzen 2 on 10nm or Vega's successor. Even without that, they'll have new 14nm APU's ready soon which could be used as well. It's pretty much set in stone for 2019 or 2020 at the absolute latest.

franwex685d ago

I know it's been like 15 years, but since sakaguchi left Square has been having a hard time putting out Final Fantasy games. Sakaguchi himself has put out several rpgs though. The guy left, but he had a process in place, they couldn't keep the process?

OmnislashVer36685d ago

ARPG systems are harder to produce than turn-based though. Every boss battle will need a different tactic for example, requiring far different algorithms. I'm thinking this game will be late 2018 and will continue on into PS5's lifecycle(still working on PS4 though) from 2019-2020 perhaps.

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Horseygamer685d ago

there are some good news if you read between the lines, keep up the hard work

OmnislashVer36685d ago

The Dissidia team being on it is good news. Between them working with the KH team that can only mean this ARPG system will be top-notch.

AnnaDea685d ago

Game has been in development way before the FF VII PC announcement (2 and half years now) and they are saying it needs more time in development...

How long will this need to be in development? 3-4 years for episode 1?


Goldby685d ago

something i don't think you might realize, is that with the set up they are going with this, most of the hard long work is being done to complete episode 1. they will be able to use the assets they created for those on the 2nd and so on episodes.

Cloud wont be changing between episodes, maybe his outfits depending on the accessories you're wearing. all that hard work for episode one will pay off for the future ones.

AnnaDea685d ago

That's only true depending where episode 1 will end. Is it calm? Junon or Cosmo Canyon etc. We already know the game and SE said they would add some more things, because remake.

Goldby684d ago

im guessing, they would be sticking to the disc set up from the original. first episode will finish after Aerith's scene

rainslacker685d ago

Average time for a AAA game nowadays is 3-4 years.

Horseygamer684d ago

final fantasy games are not like COD witch are regurgitated crap they take time to produce

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