AMD: We Turn Bad PCs into Super PCs

Toms Hardware writes: "The first bit of "Fusion" that AMD is releasing today is an in-house designed software utility that was described to us as being able to "turn a mainstream PC into a lean, mean gaming machine."

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Xi3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Before you do that, why not fix your vista 64 drivers!

FantasyStar3739d ago

We can blame it on Vista! Join the bandwagon!

LinuxGuru3739d ago

Why don't you stop wasting your time on a Windows OS, much less, a 64-Bit Windows OS?

You just KNOW you're asking for trouble there!

Xi3739d ago

I boot jentoo on my laptop with an xp partition and my server box runs redhat. Some programs work best with windows, whether or not you "think" windows sucks.

I'm partially forced into using it for my work, and because I like to game, considering I spent 4 grand on this tower I think I deserve to have some fun.

Linux and mac douchebags are such asshats elitist.

LinuxGuru3739d ago

Whoa, pal...I was only referring to the buggy drivers and program issues that windows (for all time and eternity) has been known for.

Especially for 64-bit.

Also, what the hell do you mean by "windows" version of linux (ubuntu) ?

Ubuntu has far better GUI features, free software for what matters, and Ubuntu is just as deep and involved as any linux OS out there.

You do know that there is no such thing as "your linux isn't as good as mine" right?

You do know that all linux OS variants out there are just different program and GUI defaults / configs stacked on top of the same kernel?

All linux is the same dude, except for different extraneous variables.

Additionally, it's 'Gentoo', not 'Jentoo'.

I am not elitist because I am in fact using Windows XP at this moment. I use it to play my steam games. I use Ubuntu for everything else, graphics design included.

I operate on both sides of the fence, so if you feel like calling me out like you just did, then you better do some research into my character before making wild assumptions.

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Fux4Bux3739d ago

Downloadable hardware update?

Guwapo773739d ago

So they named a program after the cpu+gpu on one die combo codenamed fusion.

I was all excited about this, but it is merely an overclocking tool that goes a step beyond and disables extra window processes. Yay...