The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Officially Announced

It's official: The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind will have players returning to Vvardenfell in an epic story, along with updated PvP and a new class.

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IAmLoki565d ago

Is this why we won't be seeing a new proper ES game in a long time?

NovusTerminus565d ago

ESO is handle by a completely separate team then the main Fallout / Elder Scrolls team.

Vegamyster565d ago (Edited 565d ago )

Probably not, Zenimax Online who does ESO is a separate studio from Bethesda Softworks.

joab777564d ago

No. It's separate. Though there is truth that it's success and the money it makes off of ES fans relieves pressure. Could be great and allow Bethesda the time to develops something amazing!

And ESO isn't the game it once was. It's pretty fantastic, though I wish their focus on the crown store wasn't so narrow. Need to add rewards to the game more. Needs a PvP update so that's good too. And a class is always a welcome!

81BX565d ago

Lol just saw it on the gs web page then clicked here to see an article

BizarroUltraman6565d ago

Morrowind was badass on OG Xbox! Ive played all the single player ES games but never gave the online series a shot. Maybe I will after I see what TESO is like in some youtube vids.

CorndogBurglar565d ago

Don't. Its awful.

Me and a buddy gave it a shot when it was on sale for like $20 and we were highly disappointed. It has a lot of issues.

sagapo565d ago (Edited 565d ago )

I say try it. It starts a bit slow and is a bit different than your standard Elder Scrolls, but i'm having fun with it. There are indeed some issues, mmo wise, but nothing that bad not to give this game a chance at least. That's my opinion.

BlacKJesu5565d ago

It's good ...I play for pvp

Bigpappy565d ago

I'll have to take a look. Want to go to Vivic and the first town. Wonder if golden saints and all the birds are still there?

TheColbertinator565d ago

Perhaps we'll finally see more of the long lost dwarves.

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