Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm gets Limited Edition

Ps3fanboy writes:Seemingly every high profile video game gets a Limited Edition these days. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm is no exception. The gorgeous PS3-exclusive anime fighter will be getting its own primo pack. It'll come packaged in a deluxe SteelBook (it's really trademarked) case featuring alternate artwork with a protective slip cover. Each Limited Edition bundle will include an exclusive soundtrack music CD featuring 18 original tracks, an individually numbered limited edition Laser Cell depicting Naruto and Sasuke in battle, and two exclusive limited edition collectible cards. The Limited Edition will go for a $10 premium, with a retail price of $69.99. It will be available through GameStop, Best Buy, GameCrazy, and other select retailers this November (not October, as previously announced).

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cp683593d ago

I love the naruto games, but we have reached an era where the online mode is critical. All games must support online. Not having an online mode is naruto UNS just made the game unworthy for me§

Rick Astley3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

"we have reached an era where the online mode is critical"

Not every game needs an 'Online Mode' to be good. Do you feel the same about God of War 3? Heavy Rain? Etc. Multiplayer games that were made to BE multiplayer games I can understand but everything else doesn't need it. Even if Naruto: UNS had online I wouldn't be playing much online anyway.

SeanScythe3593d ago

ummm Bioshock doesn't have online uncharted didn't have online and many other really great game didn't have online. Online doesn't make the game, it the fun factor.

INehalemEXI3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Online would be nice, Its not a big deal IMO though to not have it for this game. Just play with someone physically next to you ..... Just make sure its not someone with bad breath or BO.

I just get regular edition this LE does not excite me.

The gaming GOD3593d ago

I'm buying it either way.

Not every game needs online modes. In a fps game yeah online mode is a big thing. But for fighting games, it's not as important (my opinion).

Besides, some of the best games out don't have online modes. Bioshock and Uncharted are good examples of such

deeznuts3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

I don't even play online anymore so you can take all the online gaming in the world for yourself and shove it.

BTW I'm not against online gaming, just the "everything needs online" sentiment.

princejb1343593d ago

uncharted and bioshock are single player games, naruto is more of a fighter
i aint saying the game is gonna be bad cause ama buy it day 1 anyway
but online will give it more replay value

Zun3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Cute but uneducated comment.

The introduction of internet enabled consoles does not mean off line mode gaming will cease to exist,be any less fun or lack in inspiration and creativity and they never will. some of the all time greatest games are off line which range from a wide spectrum of genres.

Sorry Sir, and i mean this as gently as possible.. but you know nothing about gaming.

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rCrysis3593d ago

so I will be buying this >_<

Voozi3593d ago

Apparently by that disagree, you are not an otaku, and you will not be buying this lol

rCrysis3593d ago

lmao Voozi, bubbles for making me laugh

micro_invader3593d ago

Is that only for the special edition or for both versions of the game?

Voozi3593d ago

Both, the game got pushed to November 4th release (unfortunately)

cahill3593d ago

I have a feeling that this would be AAA title

we will see. But no matter what this is an awesome game

cemelc3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

I played the demo and is great.

And this game reach till the Sasuke Kidnapped Ark, so is not going to be that short.

UnblessedSoul3593d ago

Im buying this game regardless of online, CC2 deserve my money for this game they have created

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