Fez Is Currently Free [Update: Now 1 Cent]

NoobFeed writes: "For those who don’t own Fez, which would be weird: Fez is currently free, in a pay-what-you-want model. Developer Polytron has made the game available until February 6, 2017."


At the time of writing, Fez was free, but has since changed to a minimum price of 1 cent.

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yomfweeee653d ago

So why would it be weird if someone didn't already own Fez?

Segata653d ago

Don't own it. Never played it. Never will. I will not support that douche.

bmf7364653d ago

Just for saying that, he cancelled Fez 2. Again.

Daavpuke653d ago

Fez 3 is still going though.

gangsta_red653d ago

So does this mean you'll still be charged 5 bux on PSN?

TheNerdopotamus653d ago

It's now fifty cents. Please update.

Daavpuke653d ago

That's because they were trolling.

TheNerdopotamus653d ago

Not sure why people gave me downvotes. The article links you to and when you pay with Paypal or credit card you'll get this message "Download this game by purchasing it for $0.01 USD or more.
Due to processing fees the minimum amount is 50 cents."

BlaqMagiq1653d ago

Sorry but I will never pay for this game or any other games he makes.

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The story is too old to be commented.