AtomicGamer: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Preview

With few exceptions, games based on popular comic book and superhero licenses generally trip on their capes and fall flat. One needn't look further than this past summer's mediocre Iron Man and Incredible Hulk titles to be reminded of the genre's shortcomings. One of the few beacons of promise among the lackluster line-up has been Activision's Spider-Man efforts; both Spider-Man: The Movie and Spider-Man 2--based on their respective films--provided some of best day-saving and do-gooding last generation saw.

Spidey's more recent track record, however, hasn't been quite so spotless. Spider-Man 3, the web-swingers next-gen debut felt more like an undercooked Spider-Man 2.5, and the more recent Friend or Foe was cool...if you were 9 years old. With no movie to restrict its storytelling, and true next-gen tech powering its performance, Activision and developers TreyArch and Shaba hope to return the franchise's sparkling reputation with their upcoming Spider-Man: Web of Shadows.

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