Twenty years on Final Fantasy 7's biggest problem is still hanging over the iconic series

PS1 classic Final Fantasy 7 celebrates 20th birthday but was not a perfect template for the series.

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MRMagoo123411d ago

seems to me the article writer just had a hard time understanding the plot , is that the games fault though ? my 12 year old son has played through it and he seems to get what was happening/shrug

naruga411d ago (Edited 411d ago )

i ve said it again ....i consider FFVII the best FF leaving every other predecessor or sequel far behind....though it has its faults that some of them are mentioned in the article ....the overbloated -force-overcomplicated story is there...Zack inclusion , Cloud s identity crisis ,SOLDIER creation,Aeris backstory, the Ancients and what they really are..... were literally changed to the worst (more conmplicated without reason) the last minute ....even creators have admitted it ....if they just had left it as it was originally inspired more simple, more clear (Cloud to be a real Soldier , Aeris former love to be Sephiroth and really be both of them the last ancients , to not include at all Zack etcetc) would be possibly the greatest JRPG ever analogue to Star Wars in film industry

OmnislashVer36411d ago

What the hell? FFVII was so damn easy to understand. Cloud's identity crisis was a single plot twist. If you can't understand that you're like someone who can't make it through an unlocked gate.

naruga411d ago (Edited 411d ago )

@Omnislash ..the thing is not simply to understand it ,every -fing -one understands it not a damn science ....the thing is to create a more cohesive and pretty story that will be more memorable/classic ...smthing like Empires Strikes Back

Vegamyster411d ago

The story is pretty easy to understand, it just have lots of different things going on and it has a few hidden cutscenes that explain the back story like Aeris parents, Lucrecia, & Zack/Cloud escaping Nibelheim so you have to pay attention to the text otherwise you'll get lost. Crisis Core did a great job at explaining the events before FF7 & Zack, anyone who's a fan of the game should play it.

OmnislashVer36411d ago


Seriously? More cohesive? FFVII is as straightforward and cohesive as it gets! If you really deconstruct Star Wars the plot is not that thick. If anything I'd like less to be explained in turn for more foreshadowing to newcomers.

ameliabaz411d ago

If Clouds identity crisis didn't exist, Sephiroth wouldn't have been able to toy with him so easily throughout the game. It's A pretty big aspect of their entire rivalry in the story.

As for who the Ancients are...I don't know why you're so confused by that. It's pretty clearly explained in the game that they are the original ancestors of the planet.

The only complications in the story are weird translation errors or poor wording in the script. For example, I remember being pretty confused as a child that Cloud was continuously called a "clone" even though he clearly had a regular childhood and wasn't created in a lab. It took me a while to realise they didn't mean a literal clone. I think that was just a poor translation more than anything else.

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Number-Nine411d ago

Had to close it after the first sentence

NextGenCeo411d ago

Delete this topic please😂

thatguyhayat411d ago

Yo author, play the game again you clearly weren't following the plot or the characters.

Goldby411d ago


her name is Aerith!!!!!!!!!

Goldby410d ago

apparently 3 people never played Final Fantasy 7 but know all about it /s

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