Guerilla Games' Horizon: Zero Dawn will Surely be a Big Success

We’re just a month away from Horizon: Zero Dawn’s release, and the previews from major gaming websites are already impressed with what Guerilla Games’ new IP has to offer.

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GtR35olution679d ago (Edited 679d ago )

Hopefully it will be a big success because good games deserve to sell well and get a sequel if the development studio wants one. Ive been trying to keep hype levels low for horizon zero dawn as well as trying not to watch a lot of previews about it but after seeing a video playthrough of this game very recently the wait is now excruciating. I cant wait to buy this game day one because it looks flipping amazing

Genuine-User679d ago

It'll be a system seller, in the UK at least.

Amazon UK sales rank for the PS4 Pro and Horizon Zero Dawn shot up after all the media last night:

psychometer679d ago

Another great IP from Sony! Day One buy for me.

chrisx679d ago

Horizon Zero dawn is the beginning of a great franchise for the Ps4. Expect great sequels maybe even all the way to Ps5

freshslicepizza679d ago

it will be nice to see another new franchise being built. this game could actually exceed 10 million sold if reviews are positive.

Eonjay679d ago

Not sure about that but it will surly build a strong foundation for a sequel. Sony in particular has done exceedingly well this gen with pushing their older properties like Uncharted, Rachet and Infamous while expanding their catalog of ips with Horizon, Bloodborne and even Until Dawn which came out of nowhere among many others. Not all of them are hits but the effort is there and it is obvious.

Movefasta1993679d ago

Uc4 is a way bigger ip and it hasn't sold 10million let's calm it down a little . It would be huge if it sells 3 -4million by the end of the year because it's a new ip

UCForce679d ago

I hope so. Because I can't wait.

Bathyj679d ago

I feel like we're about to witness a coming of age for guerrilla games. As great as they already were, I love Killzone, but this looks like it's going to be like when Naughty Dog went from Crash and Jak to uncharted and last of us. Or set kraft I hope so. They seem to be making every right move.

Congratulations guerrilla for stepping out of your comfort zone so spectacularly. Well done and thank you.

Thanks to you too Sony for giving your devs the freedom to do this stuff, again just like when ND made TLoU.

AmUnRa679d ago


This!!! You are spot on..

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