Life With PlayStation is like your ex: pretty, but shallow

Sony has finally released Life With PlayStation, its answer to the Wii Forecast and News channels. Ars goes hands-on to see how it compares.

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vitz33739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Honestly, what else were these idiots expecting from a news app? The second coming of Christ?

Geez, some people hate everything. Like me.

Take it for what it is, a fancy RSS news reader. Deal, and quit your b!tching.

It seems all the nay sayers are acting as if this cost them a month's salary and it killed their grandparents or something.

StephanieBBB3739d ago

That makes two of us =( but technicaly mine was more a one night stand than a ex...

SIX3739d ago

You deserve a bubble for making laugh after a very tough day.

Ju3739d ago

I need to disagree. I am still married...

uie4rhig3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

that was a good one lol

+1 bubbles ;)

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You bought an Xbox3739d ago

Life With PlayStation is like your exBox pretty, but shallow
Ha Ha
The planet Earth looks Better than anything on the Ha Ha Box

Ha Ha
The Bots bought an Xbox

LinuxGuru3739d ago

Hello....there's room for improvement!

it's similar to the Wii...more channels will most likely be added as time progresses.

MazzingerZ3739d ago

Of course! SONY keeps updating stuff all the time, the PS3 has A LOT of features, it's time for SONY to stop being humble and show off all the stuff the PS3 can do.

aiphanes3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

A good upgrade to [email protected] It is amazing that the PS3 is doing folding, music playing, web browsing, showing a live 3D globe with live weather clouds...all at the same time. We all know sony will add more cities. They just wanted to get it out because everbody was tripping about it. The Wii can not do anything close to what the PS3 is doing in life with playstation.

If the PS3 web browser sucks so least it can browse the web unlike some other consoles. What Sony needs to do is hook up with google and put chrome as the browser or hook with apple and put safari on the PS3......or even firefox. At 1080p on a nice plasma pioneer kuros...the PS3 web browser looks good and crisp to me.

Bubbles to everybody above me!

LinuxGuru3739d ago

And for people who want flash but say there's no flash update available for powerPC, well...there are plenty of open-source flash implementations (like Gnash) that could easily be tuned up and ported to the PS3.

However, lots of flash content is memory-intensive, probably remaining as the reason you don't see upgraded flash capability.

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The story is too old to be commented.