Pure Sequel And Downloadable Content Are Being Considered

Black Rock director Jason Avent has stated a sequel to the highly welcomed off road racer 'Pure' is being considered along with downloadable content for the original.

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LinuxGuru3739d ago

Aren't they at least going to wait and see how the first PURE sells horribly?

I'd think you would at least wait until AFTER your game crashes and burns before announcing a sequel no one cares about!

UNCyrus3739d ago

Leave it to Disney to be planning DLC for a game that was just released... Why not just include it all in the original game so that you don't nickel and dime the consumer...

LinuxGuru3739d ago

Because they don't believe in God. They believe in capitalism and milking the already poor economy.

DARKTRINITYxxx3739d ago

Considering doesent mean yes it means they are thinking about it. They might do they might not. Do you people read the words or do you just read what you want to read. Read more clearly before comments.