Edge: Teaching Halo to Think

If the Halo series' single player can be defined by any one element, it's its AI. The sophistication with which enemies and allies fought in the first game revolutionised the FPS on its release, eight years ago. Lead AI programmer Damián Isla has worked at Bungie since Halo 2 development began, and was at the Develop conference to talk about how his work has changed through each title. Edge took a moment between sessions to talk about smoke and mirrors, natural language, and the dream of the 'You're doing it wrong' button.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3616d ago

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This game sucks

But not as much as Flop Human

LinkinPark1173616d ago

come on u obviously dont know a great game halo 3 is awesome n the halo franchise will continue for many years to come!