Nintendo provides hard drive enabled Wii to hospital children

A Wii hard drive has been something that consistent Wii downloaders have been begging for, but did you know that Nintendo has created a HDD-enabled Wii already? Nintendo and the Starlight Foundation for the Youth have teamed up and are providing numerous hospitals with unique Wii units. These systems are different that the average Wii, in the sense that they not only come with a hard drive, but they also store full games...

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perseus3740d ago

That's good work on Nintendo's part. Supply more to the hospital kiddies.

thePatriot3739d ago

I have to get down with something is black plaque still curable?

Product3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

hmm i am still going on the record as saying a hard drive is not the solution they will come up with to the general public.Maybe solid state.this story is interesting though especially seeing as how there are like 20 wii games on that thing.must be a big hd.

TheTimeDoctor3739d ago

alot of space; its probably under 100 gb.

CNIVEK3739d ago

...a modified dev kit. Since the Wii didn't ship with an HDD, and Nintendo has no plans for one, I'd say this is a similar set-up to what devs use, in post-Alpha stage at least.

TruthbeTold3739d ago

If they could trust the mainstream community, then we'd have this too. As long as they come up with something though. I'm not deleting or downloading another game until they fix this mess. And I want to play Mega Man 9!

TheROsingleB3739d ago

"And I want to play Mega Man 9!"
Don't tell anyone, but it's coming out on the 360 and PS3 too :)

BrotherNick3739d ago

How many games do you have truth? I had about 50 games saved on my wii and it's still not halfway.

funkysolo3739d ago

This is the wii we are talking about and doesnt need 60gig.

condorstrike3739d ago

Yes the Wii needs a big hard-drive specially if that wii tv "can't remember the name" is ever gonna come out in the states, and if future games make need of them.

besides more is better:)

Voiceofreason3739d ago

Thats just another channel like the news or weather, no HD needed for it. I mean its out in Japan already and they do not have a HD. It isnt a Tivo type service. It's more like the guide channel your cable or satelite company uses now.

GlossGreen3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Now Nintendo needs to come up with a storage solution for everyone else. That is one of the two reasons as to why I'm waiting to buy a Wii.

Voiceofreason3739d ago

Had mine for well over a year and have had no storage issues. It always seems to be people that dont own the Wii that think it has a storage problem. Most owners never complain.I buy Wiiware, VC, install any channels that come on game discs, etc.

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The story is too old to be commented.