More Crash Commando Details Revealed, Out In December

Ps3fanboy writes:

"Sony has revealed a whole load of new information about Crash Commando, an upcoming downloadable title that feels like a mix between Warhawk and Soldat. The game will feature 12-players online and offline, with bots making up the numbers if you can't get hold of eleven friends. You'll be battling it out with a multitude of weapons and vehicles, including tanks, rocket launchers and C4 in both multi- and singleplayer modes."

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SeanScythe3659d ago

anyone know if this will have offline multiplayer? I'm not talking about bots only I mean splitscreen with a friend.

Rick Astley3659d ago

The offline multiplayer won't be split-screen. It'll be like Bionic Commando: Rearmed and Pixeljunk Eden. You know, same screen..

SeanScythe3659d ago

thanks that's fine I just didn't want to get a game with only one play offline because I have friends that love these kinda games.

Rick Astley3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

So many awesome PSN games coming out this year. :D