Rockstar: 'We haven't announced a release date' for GTA IV expansion'

Microsoft and Rockstar make differing statements regarding the GTA IV downloadable content coming to Xbox 360, leaving open the possibility of a delay to 2009.

Microsoft today again promised that downloadable GTA IV content would be coming to Xbox 360 in time for Christmas, according to Video Gamer. The news, however, contradicts previous statements made by both Microsoft and Rockstar earlier this month to GamePro.

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HighDefinition3738d ago

Listen to R*, NOT MSFT about this.

Rick Astley3738d ago

I can already tell that Microsoft is getting on Rockstar's nerves.

JD_Shadow3737d ago

I agree. If they haven't already, MS has once again ran its mouth about something they shouldn't be doing so, and once again, Rockstar has to correct them. I've been saying this many times that MS really needs to just let Rockstar give the information about the games they make.

And Bon Scott, that doesn't mean that he is wrong here. Rockstar could be tiring of this, and we might be looking at what could be (if not close to) the last straw. Remember what happened with MS and Level 5? The same thing could be happening again with Rockstar and MS if MS doesn't stop this.

Perjoss3737d ago

yeah, I was enjoying it here while Rick was playing with burnout bikes, but alas he's back. Theres alot of people here like him. But he excels at what he does, camps the news and makes sure he's 1st or 2nd in any 360 / Microsoft story to say something negative.

fafoon3737d ago

It will be out on the PS3 First if it Get's Delayed Again !!!

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ascendantofrain3738d ago

that by the time this DL content comes out...most people will have moved on from GTAIV and it won't do very well and M$ will have spent all that money for naught. JMRO

OGharryjoysticks3738d ago

people have already moved on from the game and with all the games coming out in October and November people who have played the game will go for one of the new games, not an add-on to an old game.

ericnellie3737d ago

That everyone thinks too damn much. LOL! This generation has been so unpredictable that even industry analysis (who were once spot on) are now taken with a grain of salt. Let's just wait and see;) LOL! Hell, I can't call it anymore!

BabyStomper50003737d ago

I'll be playing Saints Row 2 over GTA4 anyways.

Killjoy30003738d ago

If this is just a bunch of multiplayer content, I won't be jealous. However, if this is a new piece of land, new cars, and weapons, I'll be pissed.

3738d ago
3738d ago
waltercross3737d ago

Rockstar already said it wont be new land.

PirateThom3738d ago

GTAIV DLC delayed, amirite?

juuken3738d ago

...Wow, just wow.
It amazes me how Microsoft is hyping this to death.
Keep it up M$ and Rockstar may just shift gears over to the PS3.

rhood0223738d ago

It makes sense really. MS has one BIG game coming with Gears 2--although I think people will be all over the new Call of Duty when it drops and let's not forget Fallout 3.

By hyping the DLC for GTA, which is arguably MS's other "big hit" this year despite its multiplatform status, MS has another ace in its hole for the holidays.

Otherwise, the 360 lineup looks rather anemic.

juuken3738d ago

Fable II and Left 4 Dead shouldn't be counted out but I don't think anyone would get a 360 for those games...not even Gears 2.

So you're pretty much right-Gears 2 *is* the only card in the stacks.

Oh dear God Microsoft.

They're going to fail just like they did with the first XBox...except that they tried a little harder this time.

rhood0223737d ago

Yeah, I didn't include Fable II or Left 4 Dead because I don't see those as being as mass market as COD 5 (mostly due to the hype of COD 4 and people picking it up because of that) and Fallout (which seems to be getting a lot of air time in broader market--G4tv, Gametrailers, etc). I could be wrong though.

Besides, I don't even think those games will matter once Gears 2 releases. I predict 1/3 of American 360 owners will pick it up and will cause sales to be low for those other games. At least until Christmas.

Btw Juuk, did you get banned from the Gamer Zone?

Freezingduck3737d ago

Seriously though, who would still plays this game? I moved on like months ago, it gets really boring after awhile (But it was a blast in the beginning!)


"So you're pretty much right-Gears 2 *is* the only card in the stacks." - I wouldn't be so sure on that one, Look for MS to drop a few big bombs (shed light on some new exclusives and possible steal more of Sonys ;p) here in the next couple weeks. Also look for Fable II to do big numbers as well and of course the games like Fallout 3 wich will undoubtedly run and look better on the 360. And i'll state the obvious Gears 2, like it or not, will be MASSIVE!

GTA4 DLC is irrelevant. That game is garb

juuken3737d ago

I'll be back in two days.
Yes, I was banned for the third time. -__-

Spread Butt Cheeks3737d ago

you got banned because you didn't read the sign:


start running fatty

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