Obsidian CEO Reveals the Fallout 3 That Was Never Released

There was more than one Fallout 3 project in development at Black Isle Studios after the launch of Fallout 2.

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PhoenixUp659d ago

"Oh no they turned the next mainline title into a first person experience. It's not a true title in the series"

I wonder why this line of thinking sounds familiar

datriax659d ago

I think it's because you're poorly referencing RE 7 complaints which, coincidentally, aren't mostly aimed at the first person, but more the absence of practically anything to do with the series.

The generic hillbilly setting and hilarious list of IPs they ripped off to make that thing, is another major gripe many people have.

MyDietEqualsGames659d ago

Generic hillbilly? You are just like the bunch of other people who dont even know what Hill Billies are. These folk had a fucking southern accent that is pretty much exclusive to that region. Cajun. Learn how to accent bro before you sound ignorant on purpose.

Helios86659d ago

Really ought to play the game before bashing it...

DaDrunkenJester658d ago

Couldn't be farther from the truth... you know how I know? Because I have played it...

IamTylerDurden1657d ago

I guess the fact that RE7 is great game doesn't matter?

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PhoenixUp659d ago

I'm actually talking about Metroid Prime, but I guess RE7 also works in this regard

MyDietEqualsGames659d ago (Edited 659d ago )

Dude. You cannot even go there with FO3. You probably wouldn't have even liked 1 and 2. I loved those games back in the day. FO2 was epic as F. Also, I still own both.

FO wasn't even as well known as it is now that(Bethesda and Zenimax hold the rights) made the jump into the 1st/3rd person bybrid perspectives.

Imalwaysright659d ago

You either didn't play the original fallout titles or you didn't play fallout 3/4 because you have no idea of what you're talking about.

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IamTylerDurden1659d ago

Would be nice to see Bethesda contract members/former members of the studio to do a Fallout side project in the same vein as the original Fallout games. There is Wasteland 2, but it'd be fun to see a slightly higher production and using the actual Fallout universe that we know and love. Imagine if something like that was included in the season pass?

kevnb659d ago

To do it right it would probably have to be pc exclusive, they probably won't bother.

Princess_Pilfer659d ago

No it wouldn't, they'd just have to redesign the controls/menu between the input devices. The real time with pause games don't tend to work on console without major overhuals (think Dragon Age Orgins) because controllers can't give commands fast enough to allow you to control a whole party without the game getting super tedious, but turn based games don't have that issue

C4rnos658d ago

The new Planescape game (Tides of Numenera) is going to be on PS4 and Xbox One too, classic isometric rpg right there, not sure how it works on the consoles, but the fact it is means it's done "right" regardless.

kevnb658d ago

but that's kick starter and targeted at a niche, Bethesda wants the masses.

TheColbertinator659d ago

Fallout would have not survived without Fallout 3. For years I saw info on Van Buren and the project Fallout Online but they never materialized. I love Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 2 but its clear that Bethesda saved the day.

k2d658d ago

Do the right thing, Bethesda - license the Fallout series to Obsidian!

2pacalypsenow658d ago

Reveals? Its been revealed for years, and you can even download the Van Buren version which was the Original Fallout 3