Turn 10 To Develop Project Gotham 5, Announcement Soon

Addict Gaming Writes "A reliable source close to the Development Studio "Turn 10" contacted Addict Gaming earlier today with some pretty substantial evidence that Turn 10 will be developing Project Gotham 5."

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3652d ago

Really now? I eagerly await this racing game

shadowghost7523652d ago

It could be one of the announcements for next week

NO_PUDding3652d ago

It will be multiplatform, so if you mean Microsoft announcements then no.

mintaro3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

Wheres it say it will be multi-plat?

predator3652d ago

there is so much fail in this "It will be multiplatform, so if you mean Microsoft announcements then no." its hard to find where to start

CNIVEK3652d ago talking out his ass, as usual.

Turn 10 is a 1st party dev under MSGS. MS owns the PGR ip, AS WELL as the Forza ip. Bizarre Creations CAN'T make another PGR, unless it's exclusively for MS.

Go back to your PS3, and stay out of grown folks conversations. :o

wetowel3652d ago

I believe Microsoft owns the IP so no multiplat.

NO_PUDding3652d ago

Not as much fail as making Forza team work on PGR5.

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RuffRyder3652d ago

Turn 10s attention to detail + PGR graphics = awesome racing game.

Arsenal4Ever3652d ago

wtf??? what happens to Forza?

InMyOpinion3652d ago

Exactly! Who's making Forza then? I think Forza 3 has already been announced as well. Maybe they are combining Forza with PGR in PGR 5?

Leathersoup3652d ago

It's a rumor of an announcement. There's no saying that PGR5 will be released prior to Forza3 if that is what the announcement is.

If they are indeed going to be making the game I hope that they use Forza's physics engine and driving style. I was never a fan of the way the PGR series handled cornering.

InMyOpinion3652d ago

Leathersoup. That sounds like something Rob Halford would be having for supper!

ChrisGTR13652d ago

gay! give us forza 3 thats what we want!!!

NMC20073652d ago

Multiplatform? WTF are you smokin? The PGR IP is owned by Microsoft, which is why Bizzare Creations have to come up with a new racing IP with craptavision, so it will not be multi, and we all know Forza is still coming, I am sure Turn 10 has more than one group of devs.

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The story is too old to be commented.