Why Resident Evil is Embracing Horror Again

While explosive and action-packed, it was difficult calling the last two chapters of Capcom horror series Resident Evil scary.

The franchise's developers seek a different approach for Resident Evil 7 by scaling back on the action and scope in favor of something more intimate, and potentially far more terrifying.

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chrisx506d ago (Edited 506d ago )

Because it was the logical thing to do. The RE franchise was taking a fast nose dive into obscurity and maybe common sense finally prevailed at capcom HQ

naruga506d ago (Edited 506d ago )

the thing is they embraced the wrong horror type ...the paranormalesque cliched horror borrowed directly from bad games like Outlast and bad movies (1000 of them) which has NO relation at all with Resident Evil....they r like the weak student you r trying to help whispering to him the correct answers inside the class ...but he so fing dumb that he answers all them wrong making them by his own mind

505d ago
MyDietEqualsGames505d ago

You have not played the game. I'm already close to plantinum after almost 2 days.

The bakers are infected with a different type of virus altogether. It originated from a girl who also has the ability to HIVE MIND with anything that has become infected by it. and guess what? Your favorite 'parasolesque' multi-nationational conglomerate is behind it all.

_-EDMIX-_505d ago

I don't know if I agree with that.

I actually believe that Capcom started to focus on a horror title like this because it was too expensive to create titles like Resident Evil 5 and 6.

Gaming_Cousin506d ago

I just beat 7 and it is one of my favorite Resident Evil games

PhoenixUp506d ago

Resident Evil already embraced horror again when both Revelations titles were released

Darkwatchman504d ago

Except Revelations wasn't scary at all just like 4 wasn't scary at all

MaxedOutGamer505d ago

I wish Capcom would embrace zombies again. When deciding between the N64 and PS1, it was RE2 that made me choose the Playstation. It's a decision I've never regretted and RE2 is one of my most beloved games. While, I've enjoyed some of the newer titles, most of those games could've worked well as completely separate IP's. I miss the hunters, lickers, Tyrants, the Nemesis, etc.......

on_line_forever505d ago

you are a true resident evil fan and agree with you , i really miss the old games too ( 0, 1 , 2 , 3 , code veronica )

jeromeface504d ago

These 2 speak my language. The only people who hate on the old school ones are tweens who are too young to have played them when they were new. These newer entries (since 4, including 4) have been trash in comparison.

MultiConsoleGamer505d ago

The game actually feels like a survival horror game again. It's wonderful.

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