The Brainy Gamer: Somebody say amen


''Despite claims by tri-Ace that the game contains ten years of ideas that can only finally be realized on the Xbox 360 [1], the game's "true evolution"[2] of situational battles and real-time combat are hardly genre-redefining. They do very little to dissuade a JRPG naysayer that this game does anything more than rearrange the JRPG furniture. And am I really still reading screen after screen of text dialogue on a modern, next-gen RPG that comes on two discs?

I need some help out here, folks. I need somebody to say amen...and mean it. I keep telling everybody JRPGs matter, but with every Infinite Undiscovery, Blue Dragon, and Lost Odyssey, my case gets thinner and thinner.''

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3712d ago

Infinite Unfloptastrophe

Next up,Flop Ocean 4

BlackRaven853712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

I doubt that.. given the fanbase that is almost as big as Final Fantasy, and take note, Microsoft will be marketing this thing like no other in Japan. I really doubt it that much.

Harry1903712d ago

Star Ocean has a similar fanbase? Now,tell me how a franchise that sells about 1-1.5 million copies per episode is similar to the 5 million in average FF sells. You'd better get your facts straight amigo. The only contender to match FF in terms of sales in Japan is Dragon Quest, nothing else.