Gameplanet Review: Pure

GP reports:

''Happily, Disney has come to the rescue with a final release-quality build for us to play with, so we've had the chance to not only investigate the bike modifications, but the entire game in its finished state.

To bring the uninitiated up to speed, Pure is a quad-bike stunt title designed to push your racing experience to the limit - typically the vertical limit, that is - and offers a dynamic, fast-paced and challenging foray into the world of extreme sports, with a bit of arcade goodness thrown in for luck.

The initial qualification round has been retained for the retail release, which gradually teaches you the fundamentals of bike control and eases you into what would otherwise be a bewildering race mechanic. This tutorial really should be considered mandatory, as without understanding the relationship between weight distribution and timing your tricks you'll spend a frustratingly long period of time sliding face-first along the track. It won't be long however before you master the quick one-two of pre-loading your weight using the left thumbstick, and pushing forward to gain some serious altitude.

It's at this point where the real Pure experience begins. Pure has been designed with a serious slant towards absolutely insane stunt manoeuvres, indeed if you want to stand any chance of beating the rather gifted AI you're going to have to become proficient at the gravity-bending art as quickly as possible.''

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DA_SHREDDER3594d ago

The graphics are gorgeous, but the gameplay is just Pure fun. I also agree with this article,, the AI is freakin relentless. Just when you think you got the edge on the competition with new parts, the AI just laughs in your face and beats you down into the dirt. I love this game, Im finally a believer of the offroad genre again. This is the best game since the atv games on the ps2. Only bad thing I can say about this game is the soundtrack on it sucks. I was gonna get the 360 version so I can have in game music, but the $7.99 dollar a month charge to play it is a little deranged, and plus the ps3 version looks alot better. Trust me, I played both demos and the 360 version just looked less colorful.