The Resident Evil Franchise is a Gaming Market Chameleon

While Resident Evil VII is a success, critics claim it's not a true Resident Evil game. But a closer examination shows that Capcom's survival horror franchise has always been true to one thing; being a shape-shifter to the gaming market. Resident Evil has never been one specific thing except exactly what gamers were looking for at that time.

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earlygreenway57d ago

Didnt care for Resident Evil 5 as much as 4, unless I was playing co-op with my girlfriend, then it was actually pretty fun. Everything was co-op then.

hmterwilliger57d ago

I admire the Resident Evil franchise purely because they are ever evolving. This keeps them relevant to me as opposed to suffering from an identity crisis. Loved the article!

PixelGateUk57d ago

I've always found the series to be interesting at the very least. Deadly Silence on the DS was the whole reason i bought the system

earlygreenway57d ago

driving human tanks on the ds...

PixelGateUk57d ago

The best thing to do while pooping!

FallenAngel198457d ago

Not as much of a chameleon as Final Fantasy though

PixelGateUk57d ago

if only they'd make a new FF tactics :(

wonderfulmonkeyman57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Or Tales Of, or Mario, or many others.
Still, RE stays relevant because it has more than enough good entries to forget the bad ones existed.
4 will always be my favorite, though, if for no other reason than the first time I shot Armor Suit Ashley with the Chicago Typewriter.XD

Momo11857d ago

resident evil 7 looks pretty cool

DeadlyOreo57d ago

It's plays pretty cool too ☺

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The story is too old to be commented.