Not Every Game Needs to Have an Open World

More freedom doesn't always mean more fun.

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chrisx567d ago

Some of the best games ever made e.g metal gear solid, the last of us, are not open world and that's part of the reasons why they were so successful

TheOptimist567d ago

Same can be said for Open World Games- Witcher 3, Red Dead Redemption, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Just Cause 3 (IMO) etc

Both types of games are necessary and it is much more tough to craft an open world, so linear games have their place.

Rimeskeem567d ago

It is not much more thought to create an open world. Maybe making it compelling, immersive, and fun but that can be said about linear games as well.

Kramerica13567d ago

An open world does not automatically make a game better. Completely linear games can be great. It's all in the execution.