Life of Black Tiger Review – The Jimquisition

Jim Sterling - "Wait… wait this isn’t Steam!?"

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spaceb0y479d ago (Edited 479d ago )

Some of the best indies are not so lucky as this game.

Septic478d ago

Need some better quality control if this is passing through

Rimeskeem478d ago

I highly doubt Sony put money into it. They just let them release it.

yeahokwhatever478d ago

I agree with you, Septic. I saw this on the PSN and split up my coffee. It's embarrassingly bad. If PS4 had some sort of open-development store thing like google, fine. That's not what this is.

TXIDarkAvenger478d ago (Edited 478d ago )

I wonder how many bought this after seeing how bad it is.

FPSRUSSIA478d ago (Edited 478d ago )

according to PSN profiles its 27 which is surprising that 27 people bought it

manabyte77478d ago

Psnprofiles only tracks people who are registered with the site and have configured their PSN profile to display their trophies. It's a small fraction of the overall PSN community.

Relientk77478d ago

This game looked really bad

PlayableGamez-478d ago

Animation is top notch
Graphics are photo realistic
Combat is immersive and fun

I don't know why people would hate such a masterpiece.

Rangerman1208478d ago

Dammit Sony, bring over Tokyo Jungle so we can forget this "game" ever happened.

Oh, and someone need to give the middle finger to the people who made this game.

TheColbertinator478d ago

Funny review. Jim got too silly at the end though.

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