Former Rockstar North Boss Announces Everywhere

"Long-time Grand Theft Auto producer and some other Rockstar North employees are working on a game that allows you to do anything, everywhere." - Siniša Bućan

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chrisx484d ago (Edited 484d ago )

Interesting concept, just don't overblow peoples expectations

RioKing483d ago

That comment brings a certain game to mind ;)

NohansenBoy483d ago

A sky that belongs to no man?

NecoTehSergal483d ago

I hope he's not the next Peter's giving me those vibes.

skydragoonityx484d ago

Anything, everywhere.. Interesting

subtenko483d ago

Do anything anywhere....welp first on the list, get this game for free and get it early before the release date. It is possible cuz R* says so.....wait a minute....

second thing on the list..... get a copy of Agent from is now possible

SaveFerris484d ago

Need to know more about this. I'm sure the developers don't want to end up with No Man's Sky levels of hyperbole.

gigoran483d ago

too bad peoole never learn to read. those that can read and got the game because they liked what they read actually enjoyed it.

its the people with wild imaginations that projected their thoughts into the game description that were not there that were disappointed.

Exoil483d ago

I can't believe theres still people like you around.

Those who enjoyed NMS were either totally ignorant to what the all the hype from Hello Games and Sean Murray promised the game to be or were the ones who had so intensely defended the game prior to release when people questioned if the game really would be all that it was hyped up to be, and in being so defensive beforehand couldn't backtrack and forced themselves to enjoy it.

We who read the articles, listened to the interviews and watched the trailers knew that something was fishy and called the liars out on it the second the subpar game released and everything we suspected proved real.

Back on topic.
Don't do as Hello Games and Sean Murray. Don't flat out lie and it should be ok.

sizeofyou483d ago

Or...didn't let their expectations run amok and wanted a space exploration game.
Don't give a s*** what bad press it got, it's a good game...if you enjoy it. And (like all other games), it's not if you don't...

Exoil483d ago

No one let their expectations run amok.

Some of us don't like being flat out lied to while others enjoy getting taken from behind by aforementioned liars.

ToneBlanco484d ago (Edited 483d ago )

So can eat steak in this game?

subtenko483d ago

*grabs* I stole your cheesesteak......

Deadpooled483d ago

With Doritos and MountDew :D

Enigma_2099484d ago

Suddenly I'm a little concerned with GTA 6 and RDR 2.

DillyDilly484d ago

This is a FORMER BOSS'S game as in nothing to do with Rockstar

yomfweeee484d ago

Well actually if you believe (and I'm not saying it is true) everything Benzie says in his lawsuit, then they could be without him involved.

subtenko483d ago

why? You can do anything anywhere. Dont be concerned with gta 6 or rdr2 here.

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The story is too old to be commented.