PlayTM Interview: RACE Pro on the table

PlayTM writes: "RACE Pro, from SimBin and Atari, is the latest racing title to be making an assault on the ever-competitive racing genre - and its developers clearly have confidence in their new opus - given that it will be released as an Xbox 360 exclusive. We lured Diego Santori into a corner and quizzed him on this new foray.

Q: Racing games have faired well on the Xbox 360 - do you watch the competition?

A: We do look at and play them, but we do no restrict competition to the racing genre, we think that any major title is competition.

Q: Why is Race Pro a 360 exclusive?

A: SimBin is an independent developer and therefore there are limitations to the risks and tasks we can take on. Taking on the console market is a big task so it was decided to start with the Xbox 360."

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DarthTigra 3618d ago

I'm looking forward to this since it seems like GT5 wont be here till 2010 or late 09.