Halo Wars 2 Deepens the Series' RTS Elements: Beta Impressions - Two Left Sticks

Better controls and a fascinating new game mode make the Halo Wars sequel more appealing to seasoned real-time strategy players.

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MKUltra241d ago

The Blitz game mode sounds like such a bizarre but genius idea. Seems like there's a lot to keep track of but a lot more room for strategy.

NinjaSqrl240d ago

Yeah, I didn't expect to like it, but it's such a fun challenge to keep up with everything. The deck building could be a little more complex, but I like it as it is.

christocolus241d ago (Edited 239d ago )

I have been playing the beta. It's really fun. Pre ordered it last night.

NinjaSqrl240d ago

Yeah, I think I'm going to wind up buying this one as well.

christocolus239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

Try playing the 3vs3 blitz mode. It's all out war. So much fun.

Player3Podcast241d ago

I need to jump in and try this out. If it's approachable for a guy that isn't really into RTSs, I'll think about picking it up.

NinjaSqrl240d ago

It's definitely the place to dive in if you haven't played many RTS games before.

moldybread241d ago

Always been a fan of starcraft and command conquer games, this is looking very good. Tried the beta and I can see blitz becoming a big hit

NinjaSqrl240d ago

Yeah, blitz was a blast! I didn't think I would like the deck mechanic, but it added a fun component to it.

Skaymore241d ago

I still need to play this first game omg

NinjaSqrl240d ago

I didn't finish the first game. I think it will make sense on its own.

moldybread240d ago

the deluxe version comes with the original and its been remastered.

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