GameStop Promises Huge Stores, More Games, Special Drums And No Fear Of 'Burnout'

Last week, about 4200 GameStop store managers from across the United States gathered in Las Vegas for the gaming retail giant's annual eXpo. Game publishers showcased their line-ups. GameStop managers discussed the best way to run their stores. Newsweek's N'Gai Croal snapped lots of photos.

(GameStop's big: the company just exceeded 5,555 stores across 16 countries.)

Just a few days before all that, GameStop vice president of merchandising, Bob McKenzie, talked to MTV Multiplayer about where the gaming retailer stands on some of the most important issues related to the sale of games. Here's an edited transcript of their phone interview, in which McKenzie told them:

* Who GameStop is designing their new stores for
* Why GameStop isn't afraid of digital distribution via consoles
* How the company is - or isn't - making space for music games
* Why the sales of used games benefit even the publishers who complain about them
* What the chances are of consumers finding Wiis in stores this Holiday seasons
* Why you should buy games at GameStop and not at the competition
* and more…

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Mr Blings3738d ago

everytime I break down and enter a gamestop. I always try to go to a target, bb, even blockbuster before gamestop. I usually only enter one if I'm looking for an older used game that wasnt in stock at my local mom n' pop video game shop.