Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Could Be Taking The 'J' out of JRPG | Gamespot

We saw Ni no Kuni II in action, and spoke to Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino about the direction Level-5 is taking with the critically acclaimed series.

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moegooner88658d ago

Everytime I hear a Japanese developer saying the he/she is making the gameplay more accessible to appeal to the west, I cringe. Not one time I heard this phrase, and the result wasn't disappointing.

firelogic658d ago (Edited 658d ago )

I agree. People like Japanese games because they're different from Western developed ones. There's really no sense in changing what people find appealing in your games when any attempts to do so haven't fared very well in the past. A recent example is Dead Rising as a series. They've progressively killed it by taking out all the Japanese quirks and making it more and more Western friendly.

Septic658d ago

Very true. That name alone doesn't make sense to westerners though. Afghans however...they'll balk at that 🙈

Princess_Pilfer658d ago

I know right? Did they ever think that maybe people actually liked the design sensabilities they're so quick to jump away from chasing "international" audiences and that's why there were successful in the first place?

It would be like taking K-ON!! and releasing a sequel without all the exaggerated cutesy anime shorthand or weird songs about staplers. Like, great, you've now removed half the characters personalities, 2/3rds of the humor, and all of the music that people actually liked because you were afraid it was "too japanese." Good job, nobody is going to watch that.

I really hope ATLUS keeps carrying the torch.

Number-Nine658d ago

A complete GEM. Can't wait for the sequel!

Kreisen658d ago

If they really wanted to appeal to a bigger audience in the west first thing they shouldve changed is that art style followed by that combat system. Unless youre Nintendo and have Mario on the cover these types of games appeal to a very small audience.

quent658d ago

Just work on giving the game a more in depth tutorial or on the marketing aspects, don't sacrifice the identity of you're work for the sake of broadening the appeal, gamers, casual and hardcore alike are still people who can adapt and raise they're GAME, so to speak, so have faith in the quality of you're work and it will shine through and it would undoubtedly appeal to newer audiences.

For an example Just look at the soul series and see how far the franchise has come since Demon's Souls