Rock Band Song Packs on disc

According to a distributor of videogames has listed the yet unknown "Rock Band Song Pack 1" and "Rock Band Song Pack 2". Both these packs will be available on disc.

The first pack will be released on the 25th of september on Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 2 costing 29,99 euro. The 25th is also the day some parts of Europe will finally get their Wii, PS2 and PS3 versions of Rock Band.

The second pack will be released on PS2 and Wii as well, also with a 29,99 pricecard. This is not quite that amazing because both these consoles lack the capacity to save lots of data on a harddisk. BUT... (yes there's a but) there will be a PS3 and Xbox 360 Rock Band Song Pack 2 as well!!

The Rock Band Song Pack 2 is listed with a november 20th release. The PS3 and Xbox 360 version will cost 69,99 euro.

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