EA Sports says No to Euphoria, Yes to DRM

Gameplayer has interviewed FIFA Vice President Andrew Wilson about a number of things including whether the dreaded DRM will be used in the PC version of the game. Of particular interest though is the revelation that they looked into licensing NaturalMotion's Euphoria Engine but it didn't work. The reasons why are explained inside.

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SlappingOysters3739d ago

That stuff about Euphoria is super interesting. Who would have thought that EA would knock it back, I would have thought they'd be the first to offer cash for that stuff.

Makes sense though when you read the reasoning

micro_invader3739d ago

Euphoria would have been awesome in this game but I do agree with there reasons, it would've been too hard to implement.

SlappingOysters3739d ago

for Backbreaker then - sounds like it may end up being pretty one-dimensional if it ever gets released

micro_invader3739d ago

Backbreaker's being developed by Naturalmotion themselves so I think they've got their heads around their own engine.

Also, I think it would've been too time consuming for EA to scrap their old engine and build their game from the ground up using Euphoria and it probably would've cost them a lot more money.