Socom Confrontation update 1.30 now available writes:"Just a quick heads about the new Socom Confrontation update. It is now available to download. Lets hope it fixes what needs fixing.

Below are the update notes."

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chanto233736d ago


Crossing fingers hoping it fixes the long ass loading screens

Bren863736d ago

It doesn't fix the long load times.

Hydrolex3736d ago


IT doesn't still fix the load times ? I will not download that

Socom is a garbage, WTF are the developers doing with the game ?

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt3736d ago

yes the load times are fixed it took me 30 secs for my first match after i d/l the patch if its still slow for u then u need a new connection

Panthers3736d ago

it fixed them somewhat. They are continuing to work on it.

Hydrolex3736d ago

the patch made the load times faster !!

so other people should shut that kid up because he made me not to download then I did a research and I found that the update is kind of good

Wildarmsjecht3736d ago

should've done ur research earlier.

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drdre743736d ago

Hope it fixes the load time and the freezing while loading. The getting stuck in spectator mode.

glserr3736d ago

This patch didnt fix anything, very first game was very laggy and it froze my ps3.

vlachomir3736d ago

I just tried one game and it load faster than usual and the menu was more responsive for me.

cemelc3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Great game

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The story is too old to be commented.