Kotaku: Impressions of Life With PlayStation

Kotaku writes:

"As we previously posted, Life With PlayStation is live. We downloaded it (did you?) and took it for a spin. And yes, it's basically Sony's take on Wii News and Wii Weather - which isn't a bad thing, per se. Life With PlayStation has literally just launched and it kinda shows. For example, there aren't many cities on the Life With PlayStation globe. (Hello? Where's Dallas?) But, we don't doubt Sony will continue to add cities, though. Users can pull up news from Google, which is also kinda nice if you don't have a computer. Our one big gripe: It's somewhat hard to read the news text off a television from the sofa."

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Mr_Bun3593d ago

Kotaku picking apart a PS3 feature? I don't believe it!!!

Final_Rpg3593d ago

You'd think they'd be more kind to a free feature.

Mr_Bun3593d ago

...a free feature that hasn't been officially released yet!

Jamie Foxx3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

kotaku would have said the best thing ever to hit the dashboard and its FREE which is strange for microsoft!
LWP is a cool,useful,application which is helping to find cures for diseases everytime you use it,ps3 is unrecogniseable from launch due to firmware updates expect the same to happen with LWP

rawd3593d ago

Kotaku shooting diarrhea over the PS3, unbereebable!

Perjoss3593d ago

What do you expect, Sony hasn't exactly been the avatars of innovation this gen. First they add motion control to the controller (a last minute thing too) then they change the media bar to act a lot like the xbox and be able to use it during games. Then the whole trophy achievement ripoff, and now this. Microsoft are just as bad with their mii ripoffs, but I think sony wear the 'ripoff crown' for now.

TheDude2dot03593d ago

@ above

I'm not really sure where you are getting this "XMB copied Blades" theory.

Kaneda3593d ago

PS3 interface got it from PSP interface.. not Xbox dashboard... PSP came out before xbox 360.

Yipee Bog3592d ago

Sony copying the XMB from xbox. That is absolutely a gem, I'll remember that.

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AllseeingEye3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

if the ps3 spat 20 dollar bills at them every time they turned it on they would complain they should be 50s. Bias as hell.

Drekken3593d ago

Fanboy sight brought to you by Fanboys. Why isnt this sight boycotted?

Any unexpected feature that is free should gets points for that alone. And like anyhing Sony it will be improved.

XXXCouture3593d ago

from the article "My interest is not in making sure that Sony has positive news or that the timing of their news is correct"

i think what he means is "My interest is making sure that Sony has negative news, so i can make fanboys happy"

EL MAESTRO3593d ago

just because a service is free does not mean it has to be crappy. wii is as many are saying better and way more functional. most of the people complaining are ps3 owners. Sony has done this a lot, put unfinished or non sunctional crap out, thats not to say other havent either but sony has taken the cake on this one. Wii is also a free online service and the fact that this "kids toy" is more organized and functional and $250 cheaper is very sad for sony.

bomboclaat_gamer3593d ago

sight beyond sight. go learn to spell

RememberThe3573593d ago

It works good for me. The only thing I could see is the lack of cities, and thats not that big of a deal. People bag for LWP then they get it and they complain. A certain saying come to mind when I hear you guy gripe.

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hot_gamer_girl_13593d ago

with everything Jamie foxx said...

Soo smart!!!

Jamie Foxx3593d ago

stop you making a blackman blush

soo cute

Sergeant Osiris3593d ago

till you spent a nite with love commando, 400 years of rage jus waitin for ya.

MURKERR3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

an evil warlord


Omegasyde3593d ago

80's action hero:

I guess I look like a rock quarry that someone has dynamited.
-Charles Bronson

BabyStomper50003592d ago

a special ghoul with a twig stuck in his head named "Herbert"?

Blackcanary3592d ago

A fat Lazy Cat called Womball. LOL u guys are jokers.

JUUKENS HOT3592d ago

someone who has seen the light and realises your the hot one!!!!

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DrWan3593d ago

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