TeknoCreations Debuts InCharge Wiimote Charger

IGN: Charge your remotes without taking off their silicon skins.

Earlier this afternoon, New Mexico-based developers TecknoCreations debuted the latest in Wiimote charging solutions with their latest product line dubbed InCharge. The InCharge remote charger for Wii is designed to accommodate and work effectively with Wiimotes that are encased by silicon covers. By utilizing Lithium Polymer battery packs and a contactless inductive charging solution, the InCharge system removes the tedium of having to remove protective casing in order to charge remotes. The TeknoCreations InCharge Wiimote Charger's battery packs will be more than 50% lighter than other solutions and will reportedly boast a 25-hour battery life. Additionally, the contactless charging solution is unaffected by dirt and grime on metal contacts of other types of chargers.

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chanmasta3736d ago

... like a good bit of kit! Loving the charge through cover thing!