Gamepyre: Mercenaries 2 - World In Flames - PC Review

Gamepyre: "Grand Theft Auto is a legend in the world of video games. It has broken most if not all the video game sales records, and most importantly, it has opened the door to a brand new genre of video games.

Much to my amazement and my shame, I missed the release of Mercenaries. But EA has invested what is obviously a substantial sum of money in advertisement for this game. It seems that commercials for Mercenaries 2 play on every TV station, and every single gaming store that I've entered for the last few weeks is overly decorated with all shape and size posters of Mercenaries 2.

Besides having the Mercenaries 2 advertisement song stuck in my head, the advertisements along with the early shipped strategy guides on display just about everywhere have more than convinced me that I need this game. Well, the game came out today, and after chasing delivery trucks to gaming stores I finally stumbled across a freshly arrived copy; lucky me. So now that I have the game, I have to patiently wait for the 10+ gigs of files to install before I can see for myself what this game is all about. Personally, when I get bombarded with so much advertisements I tend to find out that the game is either extremely well made, or the exact opposite; usually there is no middle ground. So now, without any further delay, let's travel to Venezuela, hire ourselves some mercs, and cause chaos and rampage in one of the world's oil-exporting powerhouses."

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