Endless Backlog Podcast Episode 101: Furi and Pettiness

Endlessbacklog podcast on Furi, Inside, Digimon Story, and The Last Guardian.

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FloydianAndroid635d ago

I gotta be honest. I love video game podcasts, and as a podcast it's fine, but they come off like hipsters that just like to bag on beloved franchises. In one podcast they were negative about Halo: combat evolved, uncharted 4, and the last of us, but said the darkness was great. The darkness was ok, but i mean come on.

jg4xchamp635d ago

The Last of Us was their GOTY for 2013, and Halo is one of the dude's favorite games ever. It just isn't hive mind, you'll get a more varied response now how much each individual person will like a game or not.

FloydianAndroid635d ago

Obviously you didn't listen to the podcast i listened to because they called halo "garbage" and also mass effect 1.