New screenshots of Call of Duty World at War

Activision published new screenshots of Call of Duty World at War...

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Close_Second3472d ago

...New Cut Scene Screenshots.

Lets see some in-game images!!!

Hydrolex3471d ago

from the birth of PS1 until now

battery3471d ago

we're still playing sci-fi shooters.Why don't you complain about those ?

jonnyp7773471d ago

...thank you. finally an article with the title of this game not having a "5" in it. That should be saved for infinity ward. they shouldn't have to call theirs "6" because of this. let's just let the better team take care of the numbered games from now on, ok treyarch?

N4g_null3471d ago

Looks like concept art to me... Hey I'm wonder where the sick graphics button is on the Wii because if these are true screen shots I would be shocked. N let me ad if it runs at a good frame rate I will be shocked.

Yeah but I was tired of these games a long time ago.